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Welcome to the Knoxville Horror Film Fest



First things first: as announced at Terror In The Woods (thank you for the terrific crowd, btw!) we've finally got a few intial details ready to announced for the sixth annual Knoxville Horror Film Fest: this year's event will run OCTOBER 24-26 at Regal Cinemas Downtown West 8 and Scruffy City Hall and feature exclusive screenings of anthology installments V/H/S VIRAL and THE ABCs OF DEATH 2! Of course, these are only two of the five features (or 31 of the dozens of short films, if you prefer) we'll be showcasing at this year's event, so you can be sure we'll have more details as the summer progresses. In the meantime, we're accepting film submissions (here or online through FilmFreeway) through the end of September!

Of course, if we had to guess when more of those details might come out (OK, we don't have to guess, we've specifically planned it this way) it'd be at our very, very, very special August event: a TROMA ENTERTAINMENT double feature of RETURN TO NUKE 'EM HIGH VOL 1 and THE TOXIC AVENGER, with director and Troma honcho Lloyd Kaufman in attendance! This is an all-time dream event for us, and we're thrilled to finally be bringing it to our beloved cult cinema crowd on Sunday, August 24 at Scruffy City Hall. (We'll also be taking the opportunity to announce the dates and registration info for the fourth annual Grindhouse Grind-out filmmaking contest, which we may never have come up with were it not for late-night Troma-thons during our high school years.) For more up-to-the-moment information, join our Facebook event page!

And finally, on October 2 -- mere days after our KHFF666 Preview Event, date TBA -- KHFF is stepping into Knoxville's thriving music scene (with a lot of help from our friends at Temple and Night Owl Music) with a performance from Phoenix, Arizona's genre-flavored rock trio Calabrese! Honestly, we're just as excited about the ideal local openers: horror punks La Basura Del Diablo (last seen at TERROR IN THE WOODS!), our outrageous cock-rocking buddies The Bad Dudes and up-and-comers Mass Driver! This will all be going down at The Concourse at The International (formerly the Cider House), with advance tickets available through their website for only $7! KHFF will have some goodies to give away, including some tickets to this year's festival, so make sure to come out and support local rock music!



Sorry it's been a while since our last update, but we've been busy getting things lined up for KHFF's summer and fall events, including some exciting developments for this year's festival! (Speaking of which, we're accepting submissions through the end of September... you can submit the old-fashioned way through this site or online through FilmFreeway!)

Anyway, we're pleased to announce two summer screenings: up first is Ti West's THE SACRAMENT, the latest in our series of Final Monday screenings at Market Square's Scruffy City Hall. We're huge fans of director Ti West (House Of The Devil, The Innkeepers) and can't wait to share his latest, a documentary-style cult chiller! Join us on Monday, June 30 at 8pm ($10 cover, 18+) for one of this summer's most troubling films.

Then on July 11 we'll be reteaming with Ijams Nature Center and FrightWorks Haunted House for our second annual TERROR IN THE WOODS event, themed around everyone's favorite woodland skull-crusher: Bigfoot! We're still nailing down details for our double dose of sasquatch cinema, but we do know Frightworks will have a suitably terrifying haunted trail ready, and La Basura Del Diablo will be providing live tunes as we wait for the sun to go down. The fun starts at 6pm, and $10 gets you in to one of Knoxville's most unique summer events.



KHFF is back in action for 2014! First off, we are officially opened up for submissions for our sixth annual festival (late October, dates TBA)! If you're sitting on a horror-related short film we doubt you'll find a more affordable entry fee... and if your idea is still incubating, you've got until September 20 to submit! (We'll also be looking at feature film submissions this year... if you're interested please email us for more information.)

In the meantime, KHFF is finally ready to resume its regular horror/cult movie screenings... now at our new home at Market Square's SCRUFFY CITY HALL! Our first screening will be E.L. Katz's outrageous cult-film-in-the-making CHEAP THRILLS, showing on Monday, March 31 at 9pm. $10 gets you in for an unbeatable audience experience, followed by a series of prize-worthy dares involving UT's entomology department. You'd have to be some sort of chickenshit not to join in the fun, eh?

You can view old news items from 2013 HERE.

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