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KHFF 2012

The KNOXVILLE HORROR FILM FEST presented its third annual program of shocking shorts on October 22 & 23, 2011 at Relix Variety Theatre, once again bringing in dozens of exclusive films from around the region and around the world, all of which are listed to the right. For posters, trailers and full length versions of films from KHFF 2011, check out the KNOXHORRORFEST tumblr page!


decapoda shock

brutal relax

the lady paranorma

dirty silverware

the legend of beaver dam


thank you jesus

the secret show

you belong to me

the heir

KHFF 2011 lineup KHFF 2012 Lineup

All Men Are Called Robert
(Marc-Henri Boulier, France)

The Auburn Hills Breakdown
(Geoff Redknap, Canada)

Bedtime for Timmy
(Thomas Nicol, USA)

Brutal Relax
(David Munoz, Spain)

Bobby Yeah
(Robert Morgan, UK)

Bon Appetit
(Kate Shenton, UK)

(A. Green, A. Rifkin, J. Lynch & T. Sullivan, USA)

(Dennis Widmeyer, USA)

Dame Tu Carne
(Matthew Culbert & Kyangho Cho, Knoxville)

Decapoda Shock
(Javier Chillon, Spain)

(Michael Sharpe, USA)

Dirty Silverware
(Steve Daniels, USA)

The Dungeon Master
(Rider & Shiloh Strong, USA)

The Ejaculator
(Damaged Patients, Knoxville)

Fair Chase
(Jeremy Bolden, Powell)

Fitness Class Zombie
(Christopher Walsh, Canada)

The Heir
(Brian McKnight & Carl Lyon, Sevierville)

Hold The Mayo
(Jeffrey Williams, USA)

The Human Nature
(Tore Frandsen, Denmark)

(Jimmy Weber, USA)

Infernal Nuns
(Roland Petrizza & Alex Eslam, Spain)

The Lady Paranorma
(Vincent Marcone, Canada)

The Legend of Beaver Dam
(Jerome Sable, USA)

Nightshift of the Vampire
(William Justin Crooks, Australia)

Nursery Crimes
(L. Whyte, UK)

(Raul Cerezo, Spain)

(Timo Pierre Rositzki, Germany)

(Luke Dye & Dale Fisher, Knoxville)

Teufelsnacht (Night of the Devil)
(Florian Puchert, Germany)

Thank You, Jesus!
(Timothy Rhodes, USA)

Path Of Blood
(Eric Power, USA)

Rotting Hill
(James Cunningham, New Zealand)

The Secret Show
(Sean Sexton & Jamison Stalsworth, Knoxville)

Time's Up Eve
(Patrick Rea, USA)

United Monster Talent Agency
(Greg Nicotero, USA)

You Belong To Me
(Hayley Huckaba, Knoxville)

A Zombie Claymation
(Lee Hardcastle, France)

Zombie Spores From Space
(Bryan Davis, Knoxville)

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